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Human Communication Science

Charting a new course for customer experience through industry-leading standards of customer-agent communication. Dialogue180 is a system that enables agents to connect emotionally with customers, resolve issues, and improve brand perception as a result of every conversation.

The Dialogue180 system leads to:

  • Increased CSAT and NPS scores
  • Decreased customer effort
  • Decreased escalation calls
  • Increased sales
  • Increased employee satisfaction

Top Four Reasons Dialogue180 Works:

  • Agents learn and adopt conversational habits that are key to building emotional connection.
  • Supervisors/coaches are uniquely trained through this process to both exhibit dialogue behaviors with their teams, and coach their team in advanced communication skills.
  • Dialogue Expressions, an innovative conversation evaluation method, assures the program grows in strength over time.
  • A set of metrics is introduced that measures conversational effectiveness, providing ongoing insight to organizational challenges which inhibit dialogue.
Dialogue 180