Customer Experience Solutions Founded in
Human Communication Science

Our approach includes a proprietary and comprehensive dialogue diagnostic instrument that measures all dimensions of agent behavior, allowing for a causal explanation of agent behavior and key outcomes.

The Dialogue Diagnostic is a first-of-its kind performance- diagnostic system for call centers. It’s been described as a way to “reverse-engineer the perfect call.”

We map the causal links between agent-customer dialogue and customer experience, satisfaction, sales, retention, and reputation capital.

We illustrate how often the Ideal Dialogue is occurring so that you may understand the scope, severity, impact, and root cause of underperformance.

We provide actionable intelligence to support short and long term action planning, as well as support an alignment of QA and CSAT measurements.

Did you know?

It’s obvious that the human voice is used to carry speech.
However, did you know that the human voice contains a
rich and diverse amount of information that allows
people to formulate a complex impression about the
person speaking? This process is similar to how we
interpret faces. In fact, the underlying neural
process is quite similar (i.e., transforming
sensory data into integrated and
contextualized perceptions and
inferences). Turns out that
there is much more to voice
than simply speaking!