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Our Ideal Voice audition system is a revolutionary, multi-dimensional, assessment instrument designed to identify the candidates who are best prepared to dialogue with your customers. It is validated to screen for training resistant qualities, including vocal clarity, listening comprehension, and dialogue disposition.

To protect the sound of your brand, you have to take charge of your brand’s voice by recruiting agents who can engage with your customers.

What’s at risk is your customer’s opinion of your brand, which is determined just seconds into the call. The ability of your agents to sound professional while connecting with your customers makes a huge difference:

  • It’s the difference between the perception of a small-time customer support operation—and big-time customer-focused company.
  • It’s the difference between a sale—and “nah, maybe later.”
  • It’s the difference between your customers voting for your agents on a survey, and voting them off the island.

Our Ideal Voice Audition System assesses multiple dimensions proven to affect customer perception and engagement. Our system measures far more than the ability to read a script in a pleasant tone. It synthesizes a wide spectrum of vocal qualities and conversational habits, giving you unique insight to support your hiring decisions.

Make Recruiting a Snap!

Dramatically improve recruiting speed and accuracy with our simple-to-use selection instrument.

Ideal Voice